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Camp Sunset is open 7 days a week, 8am to 5pm

Camp Sunset operates by reservations only and we fill up pretty quickly! We ask that you check your pet in after 8am and pick them up before 5pm.

Early drop-offs (no earlier than 7am) and late pick-ups (no later than 6pm) will be an additional charge. 

Vaccine Requirements

All of our guests are vaccinated with Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus Type - 2, and Parainfluenza for Canines; FVRCP and Rabies for felines. Please make sure you have all of these up-to-date and proof prior to making reservations. 

External Parasites

We strongly recommend flea protection for our guests, as they are walked outdoors where we have limited control of external parasites from the environment outside. We strive to maintain a "Flea-Free" environment! 

What to Bring When Checking In

When checking in for your reservations, we will need to see proof of vaccines, medications will need to be in bottles/ containers with prescription label (by prescribing veterinarian), food schedule (i.e. special diet, amounts and times), or special health conditions. 

Staying More Than 2 Weeks?

If your pet(s) will be staying with us for more than 2 weeks, we require a deposit for the first 2 weeks of their stay. 

When checking in one of our Camp guests, we ask that you come to the Camp Sunset lobby. Upon check out, we will have our owners check out at the hospital reception desk.