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Fairfield Pet Boarding at Sunset Animal HospitalPet Boarding Fairfield

Pet Boarding in Fairfield Filled With Loving Care

If you are looking for exceptional pet boarding in Fairfield, CA that provides top-notch cat boarding and dog boarding facilities, look no further than Sunset Animal Hospital. Whether you need to be away from home for a while for business or pleasure, your furry friend will find the pet lodging at our animal hospital in Fairfield to be a home away from home until you return. Our pet boarding team will treat your pet like family and has immediate access to our vets in Fairfield in case they fall ill in our care.

Benefits of Boarding with Our Veterinarians in Fairfield CA

Our compassionate and caring veterinarians in Fairfield and their dedicated staff understand how anxious both you and your pet may be about being separated for even a short period of time. You may think that leaving a big bowl of food and water will keep your fur bosses content, but many dogs and cats seek out mischief while you are away out of anxiety due to your absence. Even a family member or friend stopping by daily may not prevent cats from spraying or your pup from chewing apart your favorite slippers.

With our fully monitored pet lodging facilities, your pet will never feel unloved. We take cat boarding and dog boarding seriously, and we can provide the care and attention—including medical care—that your pet requires when they need it most. If your pet has medical conditions or requires daily medications, we have team members who are fully trained in administering the medicine they need at the appropriate times.

Our Vets in Fairfield Offer Premier Boarding for Pets

We take pride in offering the finest boarding for pets in Fairfield CA. Whether you’re gone for a few days or just overnight, you can rest well knowing that your pet is getting everything they need. We set aside ample time for dogs to roam outdoors where they can do their ‘business,’ get some exercise and social dogs can even interact with one another under our supervision. Kitties are kept in a separate space from dogs, so they will feel like calm, cool collected cats under our care.

Our animal hospital in Fairfield features air-conditioned, spacious accommodations for each pet, and their facilities are cleaned regularly. We invite you to bring along any special foods that your dog or cat prefers and to inform us of any dietary regulations or restrictions that your pet may have, so we can provide the premier care that our veterinarians in Fairfield are known for.

Choose Pet Boarding with our Veterinarians in Fairfield CA

We invite you to come and take a tour of our exquisite and comfortable pet boarding facilities here at Sunset Animal Hospital to see if we are a good fit for you and our pet. Contact us or call us at 707-425-4050 today to schedule an appointment or for more information about our cat boarding and dog boarding services.