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Fairfield Pet Boarding at Sunset Animal HospitalPet Boarding Fairfield

When you have to travel on business, attend a family reunion or fly away on a long-planned vacation, you don't want to spend that entire time worrying over loose ends back at home -- especially when that loose end is as precious to you as your beloved pet. Luckily, both you and your pet can rest easy during your trip thanks to our Fairfield pet boarding services at Sunset Animal Hospital. We offer all the comforts of home, with the huge additional benefit of ready access to your veterinarian in Fairfield.

The Benefits of Pet Boarding in Fairfield

Pet owners aren't the only ones who may experience anxiety over a prolonged separation. Pets can become extremely agitated, depressed, anxious and even aggressive if they're left completely alone for no reason they can understand. This may cause them to destroy household furnishings or even make a break for the front door whenever anyone opens it to check on them. Your friend or neighbor who stops by one or twice a day may not be able to provide the proper degree of medical monitoring, either, especially for pets who take medicine or are at risk for veterinary emergencies. Pet boarding in Fairfield is a much smarter strategy for keeping your pet safe, well and relaxed.

Your Vet in Fairfield Will Watch Over Your Pet

You'll be greatly relieved to know that your vet in Fairfield is looking after your best friend in your absence. Any Fairfield veterinarian on our team can ensure your pet receives any special medical care he may need, from regular monitoring of vital signs to medication dosages. If your pet suddenly requires emergency treatment, there's no better place for him to be than right here with your veterinarian in Fairfield.

But your pet doesn't have to have a medical condition to benefit from our pet boarding in Fairfield. We can provide whatever degree of social and personal interaction your pet is comfortable with, along with regular exercise and nutritious meals to keep him fit and contented. Your pet will enjoy spacious, clean, climate-controlled accommodations in his own individual kennel. So go ahead and let yourself be pampered during your vacation -- because your pet is being pampered as well!

Call Your Fairfield Vet Team to Schedule Boarding

Our Fairfield vet team would love to accommodate every pet in need of lodgings, but since our facility does have its limits, you'll want to book your pet's boarding stay as early as possible. That's especially true if your Fairfield veterinarian needs to update your pet's core vaccinations first. Additional vaccinations against kennel cough and other communicable diseases may also be required to ensure that every pet in our facility stays healthy. Busy holiday and travel periods are another good reason to make your reservation as soon as you can. Call Sunset Animal Hospital at 707-425-4050 to get more details and book your pet's stay with us!