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Pet Dental Care from
Our Veterinarians in Fairfield Pet Dental Care From Fairfield CA Veterinarian​ at Sunset Animal Hospital can prevent pet heart disease and dental infections 

Painful, damaging and even dangerous dental problems can afflict anyone -- human or not. Your pets need the same basic kinds of dental evaluation and care that you and your human family members do, which means you need ready access to a skilled, experienced dentist for pets. Here at Sunset Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in Fairfield CA can administer the necessary regular evaluations, X-rays, deep cleanings under anesthesia and treatment of oral diseases to help your beloved animal maintain a happy, healthy mouth.

The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

Your pet's teeth may look a bit different from yours, but the structures of your pet's oral cavity are really quite similar -- and this means they're predisposed to the same threats. The most widespread of these threats is periodontal disease, an inflammation of the gum tissue around the teeth which affects up to 85 percent of pets aged 4 and older. Periodontal disease gets its start when plaque on the teeth attracts bacteria. the bacteria produce acids that trigger an inflammatory reaction, eventually causing the destruction of the gums, the ligaments that hold the teeth in place and the jawbone. Results include agonizing pain, serious infections (which can spread to the internal organs) and tooth loss.

But gum disease isn't the only danger to your pet's mouth. Teeth can crack, break or wear down over time, and this allows bacteria to enter through the tooth chamber, causing toothaches and abscesses. Oral cancers are also not uncommon -- and some of these cancers are fast-moving, deadly and hard for owners to recognize. All of these concerns are prime reasons to schedule pet dental care from your Fairfield veterinarian.

Checkups, Cleanings Treatments and and Pet Dental Hygiene Advice

We're proud to offer a full range of dental care for pets, from preventative procedures and treatments to pet dental hygiene recommendations. Your Fairfield veterinarian will most likely advise an annual dental exam for your healthy adult pet; puppies, kittens, senior pets, pets with known dental issues and breeds more prone to dental issues may need more frequent exams. X-rays and other diagnostic techniques let us catch any problems in their early stages -- including oral cancer -- so we can recommend the right treatment to get those problems under control. Severe infections or tooth damage may call for an extraction, while oral cancer may require surgery.

Our pet dental care can also promote better oral health between visits. Deep cleanings under anesthesia allow us to get rid of the hard, rough tartar that forms from plaque, both above the gum line and below it. We can also provide a wealth of pet dental hygiene advice, from how to brush your pet's teeth properly to choosing foods and chew toys that help minimize tartar.

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