1239 Western St., Fairfield, CA 94533 | Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Ph: 707-425-4050 | sunsetclinic@yahoo.com

1239 Western St., Fairfield, CA 94533 | Mon - Sun 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Ph: 707-425-4050 | sunsetclinic@yahoo.com

Hospital News

June 2019 

Sunset hosted a camp for kids June 24th – 25th and boy oh boy was it a success! Thank you to all the moms and dads out there for letting them join us for a fun few days!

October 2017

Our team had a surprise pumpkin carving contest. We had teams and the team with the best pumpkin won! They worked for 2 hours and had to go by themes and boy does Sunset have some creative staff!

May 2017

Sunset Animal Hospital Achieves High Level of Veterinary Excellence


Fairfield CA—Sunset Animal Hospital has achieved the highest level of veterinary excellence following a thorough evaluation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Sunset Animal Hospital earned AAHA accreditation after a rigorous review of the hospital’s practice protocols, medical equipment, facility and client service and now holds a place among the top 12-15% of small animal veterinary practices in North America. 

Unlike human hospitals, not all animal hospitals are required to be accredited.

Accredited hospitals are the only hospitals that choose to be evaluated on approximately 900 quality standards that go above and beyond basic state regulations, ranging from patient care and pain management to staff training and advanced diagnostic services. AAHA-accredited hospitals are recognized among the finest in the industry, and are consistently at the forefront of advanced veterinary medicine. AAHA standards are continuously reviewed and updated to keep accredited practices on the cutting edge of veterinary excellence.

Pet owners look for AAHA-accredited hospitals because they value their pet’s health and trust the consistent, expert care provided by the entire health care team. At AAHA-accredited practices, pet owners can expect to receive the highest quality care from well-trained, professional veterinary teams.
Only the top small animal hospitals in the United States and Canada have achieved accreditation by the Association. To maintain accredited status, Sunset Animal Hospital must continue to be evaluated regularly by AAHA.

Sunset Animal Hospital was incorporated in October 1986. Sunset has evolved into one of several major veterinary facilities in the Fairfield-Vacaville-Suisun area. The premise behind Sunset’s growth is understanding and anticipating client needs and satisfying these needs better than our competitors. Along with our extended hours, we provide a caring and high-quality service.

For more information about accreditation, visit aaha.org/petowner, or connect on Facebook and “like” the American Animal Hospital Association.

October 2016

Open House Was a Success!

We would like to thank our community and our vendors for helping us have a successful Open House! Our open house committee worked very hard for six months to prepare and they did a phenomenal job of putting everything together. The community and our vendors donated 50 gift baskets or gift certificates toward our fundraiser! We raised $3083.59 for our Angel Fund, which is a special fund to help clients from our community with urgent medical needs in a time of financial hardship.  We would like to thank the following people, businesses and vendors for their donations:

Mike from Victor Medical, Sukhothai Cuisine, All Star Rents, Jeff from Merial, Jane Neilan with Tupperware, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Linda Shea with Avon, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Strawhat Pizza, Lexie Lear with Partylite, Togo’s, Gabe with Merke, Stella’s Gourmet, Starbucks Coffee, Michelle Anicete with Perfectly Posh, Larry’s Produce, Jeremy’s Painting, Amanda Rees with Camp Sunset Grooming, Rosa Madrigal, Evelyn’s Big Italian, Vickie Dunham, Jody Krauth with Blissful Massage and Wellness Center, Heather with Royal Canin, Kathleen Nguyen with Delta XI Chapter of Deta Kappa Gamma, Elanco, Amy from Pets Best Insurance. 

May 2015

Sunset Animal Hospital would like to announce our new Softball Team “Twisted Whiskers”! We are a coed team consisting of staff and spouses and we play every Tuesday night starting May 19th. We are playing on the Vacaville Recreational Adult Sports Team. We promise to keep you entertained, so come and root for your team! Call the hospital for game times and locations!

May 2014

Sunset Animal Hospital would like to say that after 23 years of service, sadly, Dr. Veda Mack will no longer be a part of our team. This is a big loss for us and to our loyal clients. She has been a big part of our practice’s long-standing presence in the community. In addition, Dr. Mack was part of the success of building the foundation that we have grown into today. Like Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Mack has trained and mentored numerous technicians and veterinarians over the years and the veterinary industry is indebted to her. We wish her continued success in her contributions to the veterinary industry and our community!

We will miss you Dr. Mack!

March 2014

Join us in congratulating Dr. Wolfe in her decision to take a sabbatical and enjoy time for herself and her family! Dr. Terri Wolfe opened Sunset Animal Clinic in 1986 and has been a central pillar in the community for 30 years! One of Dr. Wolfe’s main principles was providing exceptional patient care, always keeping in mind client convenience. She has developed countless relationships and has cared for thousands of beloved pets. She truly gave her heart to each and every patient and built strong, timeless bonds with her clients.

She has expanded her knowledge base to practice holistic medicine to be able to offer that option for clients.  She has trained and mentored numerous technicians and veterinarians.

We want to extend the warmest appreciation for all that she has done for not only the community but also the veterinary industry. She has dedicated a large portion of her life and her heart to ensure that each and every animal was given exceptional care. We will miss her bubbly presence in the practice, but her spirit continues to be the basis of our continued growth and aspiration to serve the community with as much heart as she did.

Enjoy your time off Dr. Wolfe!