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Kitten Checklist

Kitten Checklist

Kittens are energetic balls of cute, cuddly love, but they are also a lot of work. At Sunset Animal Hospital, we aim to provide services and education to make the journey a little easier. To start kitty off on the right paw, we present: What do I need for a new kitten? A kitten checklist from your veterinarian in Fairfield, CA.


Highly-quality kitten foods, like the ones available through VetSource, our online store, promote the bone, muscle, and nervous system development crucial in the first six months of life. Kittens also need a constant supply of fresh water. For a kitten who craves cool, running water, an electronic fountain does the job better than the kitchen sink.


Kittens have a way of turning almost anything into a toy or thing to attack, so it’s important to steer their attention to kitten-safe toys. Cat balls and plush mice are great to keep around the house for your kitten to play with on their own. Fishing rods with feathers and similar dangling toys provide a fun way to interact with your kitty and stimulate exercise. These toys should be used with supervision and then put away.

Litter Box

Always provide a new cat with her own litter box. An open litter box with lower sides provides the easiest access for a small kitten, but a kitten will likely adapt to any style, including enclosed and self-cleaning boxes. Keeping the litter box clean by scooping daily and changing weekly will encourage your kitten to use the box.

Scratching Posts

Kittens love to scratch and climb. To keep kitty from scratching the furniture and climbing the curtains, offer a variety of scratching posts in different rooms. Sprinkle catnip to lure the cat to the posts; scented sprays are available to deter scratching elsewhere. A carpeted cat tower gives your kitty an engaging spot to climb and scratch, as well as sleep.


In addition to a breakaway collar with an identification tag, get kitty microchipped at your vet in Fairfield to ensure he carries identification with your contact information at all times.

Safe Spaces

If you have other pets, you’ll need to keep kitten quarantined until cleared by your Sunset Animal Hospital veterinarian. Create a secure space with food, water, litter box, and toys. Once kitty is able to explore the home, provide safe places to play hide and sleep, such as cat tunnels, cat shelves, and cozy beds.

Kitten Checklist Services from Our Animal Hospital in Fairfield

To keep kitty safe and healthy, invest in kitten checklist services from our animal hospital in Fairfield. We offer wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, parasite protection, and spay and neuter services.

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