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1239 Western St., Fairfield, CA 94533 | Mon - Sun 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Ph: 707-425-4050 | sunsetclinic@yahoo.com

Is it Time to Update Your Pet’s Vaccinations?

Our animal hospital in Fairfield is dedicated to the safety and well-being of your pet and the greater community. This is why we stress pet vaccine education to prevent serious animal illnesses such as rabies and canine influenza from spreading throughout the community.

Our vet in Fairfield stresses the importance of both core and non-core vaccines and their vital role in preventing serious illnesses in pets and humans. 

Pet vaccinations in Fairfield at Sunset Animal Hospital

Core vaccines are suggested to all of our pets. These vaccines help prevent illnesses common to almost all pets. We suggest core vaccines regardless of your pet’s lifestyle.

Our core vaccines include: 

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Calcivirus

Non-core vaccines are just as important, but may be determined on an individual pet’s health concerns. When you bring your pet for a visit with us, we will help decide which non-core vaccines are most ideal for your type of pet and their lifestyle. 

Pet vaccinations help the entire community 

The reduction of pet illness and illnesses spread by pets as reported by the ASPCA dramatically improves the quality of life for pets and pet owners. The benefits of pet vaccinations include decreased medical costs for owners, the control of animal population and reduction of unwanted pets and an overall reduction in the risk for potential of diseases being spread. 

We know and understand that pet owners sometimes grow worried about risks associated with vaccines. We will never over-vaccinate your pet and will help monitor your pet for any side effects. Common side effects may include lethargy, swollen region near injection site and loss of appetite. These are temporary and your pet will return to themselves in no time. Never hesitate to call us with post-vaccine concerns though. 

Take Your Pet to Your Local Fairfield Veterinarian for Pet Vaccinations

Is it time to update your pet with their latest vaccinations? Our vet in Fairfield is ready to update your furry friend with the latest vaccines now. Please contact us at 707-425-4050 to have your pet vaccinated by our Fairfield veterinarian.