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1239 Western St., Fairfield, CA 94533 | Mon - Sun 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Ph: 707-425-4050 | sunsetclinic@yahoo.com

Summer Survival Guide with Your Pet

When summer arrives, people in Fairfield partake in a variety of entertainment. Unfortunately, this time of year is detrimental to dogs and cats as the festivities may excite or scare them. Here are some pet ideas to keep in mind this hot summer season to help keep your friends happy and healthy.

Keep Grills Attended At All Times

The smell of hamburgers, hotdogs, and other meats are not only pleasing to people, but also to dogs and cats. If your pet spends time outdoors, it is extremely important to watch over food preparation and grilling activities. A dog may try to swipe a morsel off of a grill, burning themselves in the process. Eating excessive amounts of these fattening foods also poses health risks for animals. Make sure to watch over your grilling area and provide your pet with their own food before preparing your own holiday meal so they are less likely to try to steal food from your dinner.

Be Aware Of Firework Noises

Many pets are scared of the loud sounds of fireworks during the holiday. It is best to place your pet in a dark room when twilight falls to help keep them calm when noise escalates. Consider turning on a radio to mask the sound of fireworks. If you need to leave your home, provide a hiding area for your pet to use during your absence.

Keep The Heat Factor In Mind

If temperatures soar during the season, cats and dogs are at risk of heatstroke. It is best to run air conditioning inside of your home to help keep your pet cool. If your pet spends time outdoors, make sure they have plenty of water in a bowl to drink. Provide a shaded area for your pet to rest as well. At the first signs of exhaustion, dizziness, or overheating, call a veterinarian for assistance.

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If your pet runs into any trouble during the holiday that requires medical intervention during, going to a Fairfield veterinarian to get a checkup is necessary. Contact Sunset Animal Hospital at 707-425-4050 to make an appointment, discuss other pet ideas or improve a pet holiday in a favorable manner.