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Puppy Checklist

Puppy Checklist

Congratulations! If you are considering adopting a puppy and asking yourself “What do I need for a new puppy?” you are taking the first step to becoming a responsible pet parent. Bringing a puppy into your home is a huge undertaking. Along with the cuddles, play, and love, there will be accidents and challenges along the way. Sunset Animal Hospital is here to help with this puppy checklist from your veterinarian in Fairfield, CA.

Safe Enclosures

A puppy will get into everything unless you provide puppy-safe enclosures. One of the best things you can do your pup is to crate-train from day 1. Buy a crate that allows enough space for a puppy to stand up and turn around in but does not leave room to potty inside. Fill the crate with bedding and make it a welcoming place for a puppy to call her own. Playpens and gates also keep the puppy out of trouble and help establish boundaries.

Stimulating Toys

If you don’t want your new furry friend chewing up your belongings, provide him with lots of different toys to chew. When puppy starts to chew something he shouldn’t, offer a toy instead. This lets him know what is and is not his. Puppies also need lots of exercises and stimulating play, which a rotation of balls, flying discs, ropes, and plush toys that squeak provide.

Training Tools

Teaching a puppy to be a good walker starts with the right tools. Depending on the breed/size of your dog, you will want a soft collar or a harness and a 4- to 6-foot leash. Because you always want the puppy to wear identification tags, you might consider having her wear a collar with tags at all times and adding a harness for walks. Keep puppy treats on hand to teach commands and reward good behavior.

Grooming Tools

Introducing your new puppy to grooming helps him adjust and learn to like the process. You need a brush, nail clippers, dog toothbrush and toothpaste, and of course, shampoo safe for puppies, which is available from your vet in Fairfield. See our online VetSource store for options. Dentistry services are also available.

Diet Needs

Puppy food is specially formulated for size and nutrition to fuel growth and help maintain a healthy weight, coat, and teeth. Provide puppy with a constant supply of fresh water and offer dental chews appropriate for smaller teeth. As your Fairfield veterinarian, we are happy to provide suggestions and offer high-quality and specialty diet foods.

Puppy Checklist Services from Your Animal Hospital in Fairfield

Finally, there are the all-important puppy checklist services. To keep your puppy healthy, we provide wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite protection, and international pet microchipping.

We’d love to meet your puppy! Contact us today (707) 425-4050 for an appointment. Sunset Animal Hospital is conveniently located at 1239 Western St., Fairfield, CA 94533.