1239 Western St., Fairfield, CA 94533 | Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Ph: 707-425-4050 | sunsetclinic@yahoo.com

1239 Western St., Fairfield, CA 94533 | Mon - Sun 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Ph: 707-425-4050 | sunsetclinic@yahoo.com


We value our clients’ experience at Sunset Animal Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the survey on the home page and we will post it on our Testimonial Page!

This place has been super friendly and attentive since we moved from Charlotte. They are mindful and know when shots are due before you board your dog. The people at the front desk are friendly and I have never had a problem. The boarding facility next door the people are so friendly there too. Thank you for always being attentive and welcoming!

Ariana W.

I have taken my pets here for over 18 years. Sunset has been with my family over about 5 pets total now and they are all wonderful. I live in Walnut Creek, but bring my Cavalier here for check ups, shots and most recently, a teeth cleaning. Dr Hill is very thorough and professional with all of the animals she sees and I would highly recommend her. Boarding is also fantastic and I trust my pets with them over long periods of time, if they need to be boarded for vacations or what not. It is also a huge plus that the vet is right next door if there ever was a problem. The negative reviews here comment on the high prices of things, like teeth cleanings. It is expensive to put a pet under anesthesia, but I can guarantee you, it will be similarly priced elsewhere. Another reviewer said they would not let her buy flea meds because her pet had not been seen in over a year. Typically, you need a prescription for flea and tick meds, unless you are buying them at an online retailer. Personally, I would rather pay the vet check fee and have my pup checked out and know he is of good health to get the correct dosage and brand of meds prescribed!

Hayley H.

I initially took my cat here in an emergency situation. They were the only vet around that was open past 5pm on a Sunday and I needed to get him in ASAP. I came to find out that they not only have great hours, but amazing customer service. I thought Toothless had broken his leg after a failed attempt at a high jump. Sunset Animal Hospital was able to get him in within a matter of minutes, assess the situation and look into every possibility. Turns out, my cat only had a bruised muscle and was being a drama king lol. But the vet was able to explain that since he had never felt that kind of pain before, he had a bit of a overreaction (and when I say overreaction, I mean he was screaming at the top of his lungs, rolling back and forth, and spinning in circles holding up his hurt leg. So yeah, I thought something was seriously wrong.) Anyway, to ease his pain, the vet gave him some pain meds and he was back to his normal silly self the very next day.

A few months down the road, and one of the main reasons I am writing this review, I noticed Toothless wasn’t his normal self. He was hardly playing, he wasn’t laying in his normal crazy positions, and he groaned every time we picked him up. I knew I needed to take him in the moment he scratched me when I picked him up. He had always loved being held and cuddled, so that was a huge red flag. I called Sunset and made him an appointment for the next morning. Just like the last time I took him in, all the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He was seen quickly, and the vet explained different possibilities of what could be wrong. Because his breathing was irregular, they started by taking an x-ray of his chest. After the first x-ray, they came out and informed me that his chest was filled with fluid and it needed to be drained as soon as possible. They referred Toothless to UC Davis, where they specialize in these types of situations.

Long story short, this day was heartbreaking. After draining his lungs, the vet at UC Davis discovered a large tumor in Tootless’ chest. The tumor had dislodged his heart. Even with treatment, it was unlikely that he would survive. We ended up making the hard decision of putting him to sleep to end his pain. I went in thinking they would just give him some meds and he would get better, so this revelation shattered my heart.

I went home without my baby boy that night and it was harder than I could have ever imagined. About a week later, I got something in the mail from Sunset Animal Hospital. They had got word of what happened and went out of their way to send me a card signed by all the staff. I teared up when I saw what it was and read all the sweet notes the staff had left. They even picked a card with a black kitty on it, just like Toothless. I’m so glad Toothless got to spend his last day surrounded by such caring people.

I just got a new kitten named Fury, and I will be taking him to Sunset for all of his veterinary needs. Thank you so much Sunset!

Nakoda S.

We have been using Sunset Animal Hospital for the past three years and always receive excellent service from the front office staff (Rachel :-))and our favorite vet, Dr. Trott. All of the staff are awesome and I cannot remember all of their names. They always treat our pets well, we are a dog and cat family (we have multiples of each). The vet techs are very in-tune to our animals special needs as well.

I always recommend Sunset Animal Hospital to my friends and family because of the caring staff and quality service.

Holly P.

They took great care of our pets and us. I cannot say enough of how grateful I am for each one of them.

Mike L.

Sunset Animal Hospital is a great place for your animal friends!

Jacob B.

The staff was professional, friendly, and very customer oriented not to mention the facility itself was very warm and welcoming. In addition to all of this, they have excellent clinic hours – great for us working folks.

Naomi M.